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I hope everyone has a enjoyed the holidays! I never really go on here anymore, but I wanted to look at something. I might as well update I suppose. I just looked it up, and it has been 538 days that I have been smoke free! I have been doing well lately . I have been a SAHM for since my son was born, I am thinking after he's a year I'll look for a place to work again.

Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend!

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Have not been on here in a while.
had a son april 9, 2010
Haven't smoked since july 6 2009.
Went to vegas august 2009

my son

Sorry it's been a while . I have been on FB lately. I haven't even been on myspace that often. So anyway, I have continued the path of being tobacco free since July 6, 2009. The first time I tried to quit I used the e cigarette for a couple days , this time I just used it maybe the first few weeks one to 3 times when I really wanted the feeling, then I dedided I would rather nothing to do with that either. So anyway it's been 86 days .
34 days smoke free so far. The only thing I really used was the first couple of weeks i used the nicotene free e cigartte for a puff here and there (maybe 6 puffs)?(didn't have tobacco or nictone, so yes I count that as smoke free)

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ok I so I went c old turkey again

on July 6th 2009.. Originally I went smoke free for 3 weeks, then would just at the bar, then a couple times did again and bam started all over. Sometimes I can't believe I have been smoking for like atleast 7 years.

Feb. 21st, 2009

ever just feel like drinking.. I wasn't drinking for a while then suddenly felt like it again. weird


I went to the gym used to treadmill for 45 minutes.. 2.65 miles.. wednesday closed :( went to karoke night... had 2 cigarettes...got drunk. Weird drinking again, since for a while wasn't drinking at all. Too soon for the bar i guess... haven't had anymore since though.I think it was that I knew the people that were smoking. When I went with danny marc, tony and katlyn they didn't smoke.. so it wasn't as timpting. IT's still tempting when I see people , but more so if there is alcohol and the people with me are smoking. Tony made us chicken pot pie last night...good stuff. Tonight 1-10 again. I seriously hate that shift. Feels like such a waste..